An interview with a TEFL Graduate

Name: Matilda

Age: 23

Nationality: Scottish

What were you doing before your TEFL Course?:

I graduated from my bachelors a few months a few months before deciding to apply for the TEFL course with TEFL In Spain. I didn’t have any solid plans for my post-graduation life, and after travelling for a bit in the summer, I decided that this was something I wanted to pursue.

What made you decide to take the TEFL Course in Malaga, Spain?:

I considered the more practical (financial) side of travelling and hit upon teaching English as a vehicle to fund my plans. In the end, I made some pretty big changes to my life, and ended up applying for and beginning the course in a period of about a month. I found the thorough application process reassuring; it was coherent with the reports from friends who had completed the TEFL course previously. I chose Spain because I studied Spanish for a few years at school and foolishly thought that I’d be able to recall it. After that, the decision to go to Malaga was obvious, as I have a rarely-seen but much-loved family member who lives only a couple of hours away who speaks highly of this delightful beach-side city.

What was your overall experience on the TEFL Course?:

I had heard that the course was intense, and it lived up to these warnings. However, it was manageable. This was partially because I had recently been through finals, so had the fresh memory of extreme discipline seared into my brain.

What were the highlights of the course?:

Although I consider myself a team-player, I’ve had little experience of team-work in an academic sense. Working through the TEFL course with the other trainees provided ample opportunity for this. We worked together closely, and benefitted greatly for it. If I could offer trainees any advice, it would be to take advantage of one of your greatest resources: the help and support of other trainees.

Were there any funny moments that you remember from your course?:

We ended up being a tight-knit group. We enjoyed the pronunciation lesson, which was spent laughing at each other’s attempts at a cockney accent. We also laughed – and cried – when we made sushi on our graduation day, accidentally putting far too much wasabi in out rolls. Perhaps that’s a more tearful than funny memory.

What have you been doing since gaining your TEFL qualification?:

In the last few days of the course, I was offered an internship with Malaga Lenguas, which I’ve been enjoying for nearly a month now! It’s been a fantastic opportunity to practice all of the skills I learnt while on the course. I’ve been teaching people of all ages and abilities, and honestly it’s been nice to stay around the delightful people at the school who supported us through our course.

How do you feel the course has changed your life?

The course has been a huge help, both for my career prospects and for my confidence. I’ve worked in plenty of casual jobs, but I’ve never had anything I would call a career, or anything I would was interested in pursuing. Now I not only found something I genuinely enjoy doing, but something I can see progressing into a long-term career. It feels good to see tangible evidence of my students’ progress, and therefore my success as a teacher, and there’s the bonus of forging new relationships with amazing people. It has changed my life, my goals, my home….I could not be happier about any decision I’ve made!

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