How attending the ACEIA ELT conference reignited my passion for teaching English!

I’m Esme and I completed my 4 week TrinityCert Tesol course in Spain in 2011. The TEFL course changed my life and has allowed me to enjoy the last 6 years in beautiful Malaga city! The challenge as a teacher is how to keep yourself inspired!

Finding my passion

As a TEFL qualified teacher in Malaga, Spain that has been in the industry for more than 5 years, I understand the need and importance of continually looking for new ideas and ways of inspiring students.

A year after doing my TEFL course in Spain I decided to attend a teaching conference to look for new ideas and meet other like-minded teachers. I will never forget the shocking statement said by the first guest speaker. “Before you ask, yes I still have those days where I think – what on earth am I doing here and what allows me to think I can inspire anybody”? This was a revelation for me, because as a teacher I am sure you can all relate to that awful feeling you have had after delivering a disastrous lesson when you absolutely lost the attention of your students and the class fell flat on its face!

This is me promoting the TEFL qualification at the London Live Language Show with TEFL in Spain.

Teacher Development

This made me realise the importance of Teacher Development and that only I could be held accountable for how inspired and engaged my students would be in the classroom. I then signed up for a course in Teaching Business English and Teaching Cambridge Exams Classes with TEFL in Spain. These specialist modules allowed me to develop my teaching skills, improve my C.V. and even design my own course adapted to my students´ needs. I now fully understand that as a teacher I play a critical role in the coaching and guiding of students through the learning process, nurturing students’ interests and confidence as learners.

This year I was lucky enough to attend the 3rd annual ACEIA  ELT conference in Malaga with the theme of “Thinking Teaching”. The day consisted of a variety of inspiring sessions aimed at English teachers who want to continue improving their teaching. There were experienced guest speakers and also some very engaging workshops.

The ACEIA Teaching Conference

The main objective of ACEIA (Assosiation of Language Teaching Centres in Andalusia) is to ensure the quality of private language teaching and offer the student a guarantee of sincerity and professionalism. It aims to foster the spirit of collaboration between partners to the benefit of the student and the school.

I watched a fantastic seminar by Nikki Unsworth who has taught English as a foreign language for  over 30 years. She demonstrated a variety of activities through which teachers and their students can get to know each other in a fun and engaging way. I also watched a thought provoking seminar by Simon Pearlman, a teacher trainer who has been teaching for 20 years. He talked about the importance of professional development as a teacher and how we ourselves need to be inspired to inspire others.

After the seminars we had the chance to mingle and meet other teachers and trainers from all over Andalusia. There was also a raffle put on by ACEIA where over 60 schools and teachers won excellent prizes such as teaching resource books or games for the classroom. All in all this was a great experience full of fun and games where you are surrounded by like-minded teachers who are still passionate about what they do!

I will never forget that TEFL changed my life completely!

Become a member of the ACEIA

If you work for or are a private language centre in Andalusia I stronlgly advise you sign up and become a member of ACEIA.  ACEIA is the main (if not only) representing organization for professional private language schools in Andalusia and, therefore, stands for high professional standards, quality teacher training and up to date information on ever changing laws, rules, etc. that affect all of us on a daily basis.

If you have any enquiries about how to become a member or what is means to be a member, you can to send an email to Maria Carmen at the Seville head office at:

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    Thank you Esme for taking the time to write this. I’m Jen, and was lucky enough to be a trainer on the lovely day in Malaga. It really does make a difference to know that you find such days so inspiring, and thanks to all who put so much, unpaid work, and their free time into organising them. I also had the chance to mingle and was equally inspired by the enthusiasm of many of the lovely teachers I met. (Though I did feel a bit old! 😉 Thank you 😊

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