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Teach English in Malaga, Costa del Sol

Malaga is an excellent city to live and study in! Malaga is situated on the southern coast of Spain right on the Mediterranean Sea. It is centrally located and provides easy access to other cities such as Sevilla, Granada, and Cordoba. The average annual temperature is 23ºC or 73ºF. If that isn’t enough to entice you, it has something for everyone. Malaga is culturally rich and offers various theatres, museums, plazas, tapas bars, Moorish tearooms (teterías), and stylish hotels, many featuring trendy rooftop terraces with bars, pools and stunning views.

For those of you who enjoy the nightlife, you will not be disappointed. The healthy mix of tourists, students, and native residents of all ages makes for a diverse and fun atmosphere when going out for the night. There are plenty of swanky restaurants and classy bars to begin the evening, followed by various types of night-clubs, rock bars, and flamenco shows to meet everyone’s needs. Once the night is over there are taxi stops all over the city and most importantly there are places open until 5am to get a quick bite to eat.

Because Malaga has such a varied mix of nationalities visiting every year, the demand for English teachers is increasing. English is the default language for tourism in this city, so it won’t be difficult to find work once you’ve received your TEFL certificate with us!

To read more about the city, and life in Spain, check out our TEFL blog from our graduates and staff members.

How to get to Malaga

Pablo Ruiz Picasso Málaga International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Spain, with up to a staggering 16 million passengers annually. Regular or low- cost flights offered by AirEuropa, Ryanair, Iberia, Vueling, and Transavia to Malaga are available from most international airports.


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