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Teaching Business English

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Do or would you like to teach Business English?

Then this course is for you!

As a TEFL teacher it’s important to have as many options open to you as possible. With English as a global language the demand for Business English teachers is growing significantly. This course allows you to improve your teaching skills and work as an in-company teacher.

By the end of this blended course you:

  • will have all the knowledge and skills to teach Business English to different levels and students with different business backgrounds.
  • will be able to design a course adapted to your students´ needs
  • will have enhanced your CV including a Teaching Business English Certificate.

Course type

  • Blended Course: 1 day (7 hours) or 2 days (3.5 hours each) at our centre in Málaga+ 23 hours online
    Online component to be completed before the face to face day.
  • Duration: 30 hours

Course overiew

1. What is Business English?

  • Business English definitions
  • Types of Business English
  • Business English contexts

2. Create a Needs Analysis

  • Needs analysis
  • Learning Preferences
  • Setting SMART goals

3. Course Design

  • Setting objectives
  • Syllabus components
  • Negotiating the syllabus

4. Selecting and developing materials

  • Published materials
  • Authentic materials
  • Learner produced materials

5. Speaking Skills for Business

  • Socializing & Small talk
  • Telephone
  • Presentations and meetings

6. Writing Skills for Business

  • Genres of Business Writing
  • Correcting errors

7. Teaching 1-1 classes

  • Managing conversation
  • Giving feedback
  • Role-plays and simulations

8. Teaching Business English to groups

  • Managing classes
  • Giving feedback
  • Business Games

Evaluation and assessment:

  • You will have to complete all the course tasks to a satisfactory standard in order to receive the Teaching Business English Certificate.
  • You will have to fully participate, both face-to-face and online.


  • Must be a certified teacher
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be a native / fluent English speaker


Quirien van Unen: I would definitely recommend this course! I feel more confident teaching Business English now. Very insightful set of resources and tools provided to us. We didn’t only leave with a ready to work with syllabus but also a new outlook on Business English as a teaching field!

Arjan: Very vivid and useful course which gave me the tools to start teaching Business English.

Alicja: Great course! We looked at some very useful resources and the needs analysis session was very insightful. I feel much more prepared to teach Business English now!

Vivian Bache: I thoroughly recommend doing this course which is very informative. The pre-course work is extensive but very interesting and even if you don’t intend teaching Business English immediately, it will broaden your attitude for teaching.

Amanda Sijstermans: I loved this course! I’ve got many new teaching ideas and I feel confident to start working as a Business English trainer. Thank you, Esme!

Anna Bouman: During the course, I especially learned a lot about how to make a need analysis and to set goals and objectives. It was great to have so much input for resources, I will definitely use them.

Martin Parry: Really good day. Lots of pointers for the resources and ideas specific to business students. I think I might have been avoiding this client group up to now, but now I can see that this “world” is more open to me. Well paced and professionally delivered. Thank you!

Steph Edghill: Very practical and useful course from the pre-course materials to the final one-day session. Every aspect considered from needs analysis to learner preferences with a wealth of resources and ideas for activities. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer!

Ilona Narusberg: Thank you for a great opportunity to learn new techniques in teaching Business English and English for Specific Purposes. I enjoyed the pre-course tasks, course curriculum and the face-to-face day training.

Bhavna Shahdadpuri: The course has served its purpose totally. I feel confident to start teaching Business English. The trainer was dynamic and very encouraging. I loved the training course as it covered many of the areas regarding teaching Business English and English for Specific Purposes. Thank you!

Gary Garcia: This course was very informative, well structured and entertaining. I have come along way with the knowledge, confidence and resources to be able to start teaching Business English.

Andrew Stock: I really enjoyed the course and have more than enough knowledge and resources to be able to teach Business English confidently.

Elena Hunter: I found the course very interesting and the day flew by. I enjoyed every minute. The course has given me great ideas to be a better teacher.

Next Courses:

1. Friday 25th May 10:00 – 18:00 (1 hr lunch)

2. Friday 29th June 10:00 – 18:00 (1 hr lunch)

3. Friday 3rd August 10:00 – 18:00 (1 hr lunch)

4. Friday 7th September 10:00 – 18:00 (1hr lunch)


 Fee: €199


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