What our graduates say

Paul O´Connell, British, 60

First class learning experience. A lot to take in but once done the information you have acquired will set you on your way to great experiences in the teaching world. Thoroughly recommended!

Paul O´Connell, British, 60
Dennis Bos, Dutch, 36

I really enjoyed the course. It was a lot of work, but if you keep up to date with the assignments you will be fine. Discipline is the keyword here. Our group was fantastic and I met great people! Malaga is a great city. At first I wasn’t sure about the course or if I would have the skills to be a teacher but the guidance of the tutors was fantastic and I am happy I did the course now. I am able to do many things, of which I thought I could not do.

Dennis Bos, Dutch, 36
Kolesi Mwasikakata, Malawian, 24

Everyone was very nice but the course was really intense and demanding but also very rewarding at the same time. Time management is key!

Kolesi Mwasikakata, Malawian, 24
Nicola Armstrong, Irish, 20

This course is a lot of work but it is enjoyable and rewarding. You need to be willing to put in the work.

Nicola Armstrong, Irish, 20
Simon Firth, British, 54

This course is not for the faint hearted! If you are determined to gain the knowledge that will set you on your path of teaching English as a vocation then this course is it. If you are taking the course to teach while on vacation then think again. “Tough” doesn’t do it justice! 100% dedication is needed for this course.

Simon Firth, British, 54
Baillee Jones, Australian, 19

An experience of a lifetime! I gained plenty of new friends whilst gaining my TESOL certificate – a win-win situation. Everyone was so friendly and supportive and the experience gained was definitely worthwhile. I would do it all over again just for the experience!

Baillee Jones, Australian, 19
Taina Tarr, British, 22

The 4-week TEFL course is intensive but rewarding. You will learn a great deal however be prepared to say goodbye to your social life. You will make lots of friends and the weather is a plus in Malaga! I recommend that you join the course at TEFL in Spain as it will be worth it!

Taina Tarr, British, 22

It has been a great experience to take part in. The learning process has been absolutely eye opening and i would recommend this course to anyone who needs to widen their horizons. The experience has opened many new doors of opportunity that I now see as better future prospects for my life!

Mandana Sepahza, British, 56
Charlie Walker, British, 25

I really enjoyed the course. I have learned so much these last few weeks that will help me in the future as an English teacher. You will have plenty of work to keep you busy but you will make many friends along the way!

Charlie Walker, British, 25
Mirjam Waleson, Dutch, 24

If you are ready this now to get an idea of the course then I tell you now, you wont! Make sure you feel well and you have nothing else in your head apart from the will to teach! Then you need to just go there and let it happen!

Mirjam Waleson, Dutch, 24
Michela Rossi, Italian, 32

I knew this course was intense, but I didn’t expect such a big work load! I honestly thought at times that i couldn’t do it, but TEFL prepares you for this so never give up! Great experience!

Michela Rossi, Italian, 32
Monique Lubbers, Dutch, 48

By now you will have read and heard the stories from the trainees saying “It’s like nothing you’ve ever done before! It is extremely stressful and you need to stop your life while doing the course”! It is all true and it is not something that anyone can prepare you for. If you are serious about a teaching career than I advise you come and get on the roller-coaster!

Monique Lubbers, Dutch, 48
Michelle de Gouveia, South African, 51

Malaga! Sun, sea and sand. Wow! What an absolutely great course! TEFL in Spain in Malaga was just the right place for me to have gained my TEFL certificate. The course was very intense (even as a part-time course), but every minute was worth it.  The teaching practice sessions were a very valuable part of the course. I would recommend the being done specifically at TEFL in Spain to everyone.

Michelle de Gouveia, South African, 51
Sara J. Lopez Abad, Spanish, 20

Even though it was quite stressful it has been one of the best experiences I have had in my life. The trainers were great! They were always supportive and attentive. I couldn’t have asked for better peers either as they were always cheerful, helpful and supportive. I have made friends for life on this course. I have not only become a teacher but I have also grown as a person. On the course there was such a variety of nationalities, cultures, ages and points of view. This was amazing to be able to share this experience with beautiful and interesting people. I am really sad that it is over and that I have to say goodbye to a lot of people.


Sara J. Lopez Abad, Spanish, 20
Katerina Balnarova, Czech, 25

You need to be very honest with yourself if you want to become an English teacher. Are you ready to sacrifice your life for 4 weeks? If yes, then this is the best course you can do! It is hard, it is intense, you will cry, you will laugh…but it is totally worth it!

Katerina Balnarova, Czech, 25
Carys Rowles, Welsh, 23

The TEFL course in Malaga, Spain is incredibly intense, but I met some amazing people and together we had great memories, lots of laughs and everyone was so supportive. You really have to forget your life for 4 weeks, but at the end, you realise how far you have all come and how much you have all achieved in such a short period of time.

Carys Rowles, Welsh, 23
Raquel Esteban, Spanish, 27

Hello future TEFL trainees! As a survivor I would like to tell you to be prepared. The amount of work that is required during this course is something I would never have imagined, but the course and teachers are very good!



Raquel Esteban, Spanish, 27

An enormous undertaking in learning about language, teaching, people and ultimately about myself and just what is possible. I have spent every minute of the last 4 weeks thinking about teaching and now I see just how the mind of a teacher has to work. The hardest yet most memorable and rewarding task I have ever undertaken.

Carl Hance, British, 46
Thilak Kaluarchchi, Shri Lankan, 31

It is a really amazing course! The TEFL course in Malaga, Spain changed my life! I learnt a lot during the course. Personally for me, this was the first time I had experienced working be able to work and mix with so many different people and friends. It was a great opportunity for me to learn and study.

Thilak Kaluarchchi, Shri Lankan, 31
Sue Dobinson, 54, British

It has been a very positive experience overall. I have met so many really beautiful people both staff and peers. It has been challenging and intense. In the main it has been absolutely exhilarating!

Sue Dobinson, 54, British

It has been an intense course even though it has been part-time. I have learnt so much that will help me in my future career and I even feel that I will receive support after the course has finished. I would recommend this course – just be prepared to put your life on hold while doing it!

Mairi Summers, 34, Scottish

Intense and great experience overall! Be realistic, be prepared and bring your all to the experience. Do not sign up if you are not prepared to dedicate yourself. It will benefit you!!

Caroline Warwick-Oliver, British, 34

The part-time course was definitely the right option for me. The workload was still heavy. Although this was a challenging course it was equally rewarding. I could not have imagined that in just 8 weeks I would be confident enough to teach my own class.

Alex Beale, British, 23
 Nuša Vremšak, Slovenia

TEFL in Spain was one of the best experiences in my life.
They didn’t lie when they said it’s intense, but in the end it’s more than just worthwhile! The whole TEFL team is very nice and supportive, providing you all the information you need.
I really recommend this course to anyone who wants to become an English teacher.
Thank you again!

Nuša Vremšak, Slovenia
Matilda Marshall, UK

My month in Malaga studying the TEFL course has been one of the busiest, most intense and BEST of my life. I can’t begin to explain how all-consuming it is and how much I got out of it. There was no part of my time that wasn’t entirely occupied. The teachers, the staff, the IT guy – everyone is here to provide support, and better, up for a laugh. I’ve made some lifelong friends and started the my career with a bang. I couldn’t recommend it any more. ALL the love in the world for these people!!

Matilda Marshall, UK
Wendy Sheldon, South Africa

Oh my soul!!! I have just been assessed by the moderator from Trinity College! I passed *happy dance* and am now an accredited Trinity CertTesol Level 5 Teacher of English as a Foreign Language!!! One month of intense teaching, lesson plans, one on one guidance and surviving on 4 hours of sleep!!! yes sooooo worth it! Thinking of a life changing event? Come to TEFL in Spain!!! Thanks to the amazing team here in Malaga!!!!!

Wendy Sheldon, South Africa

The course was tough but worth it. Happy to have met and worked with the tutors and staff. Thanks!

Emanuel Ellner (23) USA

I believe the course has changed me completely. The work load is huge but it’s all worth it. The course directors are helpful and try to help wherever possible but it’s mostly self-motivation. I have gotten to know interesting people and I think that I have made good connections for the future. Finally, there are worse places to complete a CertTESOL certificate than in sunny Malaga.

Karl Becker (19) Germany
Conor Martin, (21), Ireland

My experience on the course is something I’ll never forget. I have met so many great people here, both tutor and trainee alike – we have shared so many experiences and have helped each other so much.

Although I will say that the course is highly intensive and the workload is insane but it is all so worth it in the end. The Tefl-in-Spain team are so supportive and will help you in every way possible.

Through this course I have become a better and much more confident person and I would like to say a big thank you to everyone I met and worked with over the last four weeks.

Conor Martin, (21), Ireland

They don’t lie when they tell you the course is intense, but it really is do-able. However, I would recommend you to prepare beforehand. The course has been a good experience and I’m happy I enrolled for it. I feel ready to teach English now!

Janna van Duyheren, (31), The Netherlands
Willy Slagmolen (50) Belgium

What an experience, you get so used to working under stress and a hectic rhythm that now it’s over it feels like, ‘hey what’s next?!

Overall well worth it and recommendable but don’t take it too lightly. Great work of Charles, real cool dude, Dillon, always positive, Susan very helpful, Vana, a delight and all the friendly and helpful staff at the school. We’re a big family.

Willy Slagmolen (50) Belgium

As an existing teacher I was a little ‘set in my ways’. However I learned a great deal about teaching – a lot of new ideas for exciting activities. I very much enjoyed the experience but am looking forward to going home. I’m exhausted. Do it if you want to learn to be an effective EFL teacher; don’t if you can’t handle 12 hour days and writing thousands of words

Eline Koppens, 24, (Dutch)

It has been a life changing experience for me. It is just amazing how much you can learn and develop yourself in only 4 weeks. The teaching practice has me to gain confidence and made me feel ready to start working in ‘the real world’. This course is the perfect kick start for everyone that wants to become a teacher!

Eline Koppens, 24, (Dutch)
Mariane Mam, 29, (American)

I recommend TEFL in Spain to anyone that is motivated to be an English teacher abroad! It’s a great experience because you get practical teaching experience by teaching actual English learners. It was intimidating at first but the instructions were very helpful and encouraging and wants everyone to be successful. The feedback was helpful and developed me as a teacher as the course progressed! It was an awesome experience!

Mariane Mam, 29, (American)
Charlie Leach, 22, (British)

TEFL in Spain is a life-changing experience. Both professionally and personally, this course has been eye-opening, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to teach English as a foreign language. Though it is intensive, the work load is manageable, and the time will fly by.

Charlie Leach, 22, (British)
Alden Kennedy (USA)

TEFL in Spain was an excellent experience in my development as an educator. The tutors are very invested in your improvement throughout the course. I would recommend this school to anyone seeking this certification.

Alden Kennedy (USA)
Diahann Pilgren

Absolutely brilliant. Hard work though do-able. I would recommend this course to anyone. Tutors help you along every step. They are professionals and extremely encouraging.

Diahann Pilgren
Steve Bennett (British)

Having completed the TEFL course in Malaga I now feel that I have the tools to become an effective EFL teacher. The course is intensive and that can’t be underestimated enough. However, the trainers and school staff are supportive from day one and with their encouragement it is definitely achievable – even for someone like me who took the decision to complete the course at the tender age of 50!


Steve Bennett (British)
Pip Rogers (53) Australia

I have just completed the Trinity CertTESOL course in Malaga. It has been a very challenging time, but an invaluable experience on many levels. I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet like-minded people, forge new friendships, and gain a qualification that will enable me to work around the globe, from a team of staff members who have shown friendly support throughout the course.

Pip Rogers (53) Australia
Phil Rogers (18) British

My name is Phil and I’m from the UK. I’m 18 years old and I just passed the part-time Trinity CertTESOL course at Malaga Lenguas. It was a great experience that has seriously helped me develop personally and professionally; you learn so much about the teaching process and the tutors are really helpful, the environment is laid back and while you’re here you really feel at home. I would recommend it to anyone thinking of taking it. You can go anywhere with this!

Phil Rogers (18) British
Tim Wheelwright (37) British

I have just successfully completed the TEFL in Spain part-time course in Malaga. I have really enjoyed the course. It has been extremely challenging juggling a young family, new puppy and the course. For those reasons I would recommend the part-time course to anyone in similar circumstances. The teaching practice has been very useful for my new career in TEFL. Finally, the tutors have been great and always willing to help out! Thanks TEFL in Spain.

Tim Wheelwright (37) British
Jelle Moers

Hi, my name’s Jelle. I’m from the Netherlands and I’m 20 years old. I did the part-time course at TEFL in Spain. It was a good experience and very manageable. I’m glad I did the 8 week course because it allowed me to work and do some Spanish on the side. Would recommend it to anyone who’s eager to travel and work around the world.

Jelle Moers (20), Netherlands
Anna Jones

Great course, definitely worth it! The trainers are so supportive but they will in no-way spoon feed you. I´m sure you´ve heard it a thousand times – but this is intense! If you´re not prepared to get on with it and knuckle down then this isn´t the course for you. But if you´re motivated and and enthusiastic, you´ll love it.

The absolute highlight for me has been the people – the students I’ve taught have an amazing sense of humour, the trainers seriously know their stuff and my fellow classmates, well what can I say! The best team and Tefl family I could’ve asked for. Thanks Tefl in Spain.

Anna Jones (23), British
Gareth Ireson

My time at Tefl in Spain was an experience that I´ll never forget. The course gave me a great foundation for my future career in teaching and I would recommend it to anyone. It´s a lot of work that must be properly managed, but it is all worth it in the end, and you get to meet lots of great people on the way.

Gareth Ireson (25), British
Karel Ryckeboer

The full time course has been very intense, but it has been one of the best experiences I’ve had. The teachers are supportive throughout the course and feel more like friends than teachers. This experience has been amazing thanks to the awesome people I’ve met. I look forward to teaching in the future.

Karel Ryckeboer (21), Belgium
Amy Archbold

I had a wonderful experience at Tefl in Spain. The Spanish students are a pleasure to work with. The staff at the school could not be more helpful. Getting hands on teaching experience from week one is invaluable, and by the end of the course you feel prepared and confident to teach in the real world. Highly recommended!

Amy Archbold (31), Irish

The course was intensive from the first day. Expect to come to Malaga and be snowed under with work for the 4 weeks! I highly recommend this course to anyone who is motivated enough to keep up with the workload. I have made many friends on the course and the course tutors are all lovely, and willing to help get you through. It´s intensive because you start teaching real students from day 3 so be prepared! However, it´s really worthwhile once you graduate as a proper English teacher.

Francesca (23) British
Alina Meza

Although intensive, I really enjoyed the Tefl course in Malaga. I learned a lot about myself and I couldn’t believe how much I learnt in just 4 weeks! I have seen such a big improvement in my teaching skills and can say that I feel confident and ready to work as a teacher. Even though our sessions were quite long, the staff made it enjoyable. They were supportive and helpful throughout the course. It’s truly been a rewarding experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested, but only if you’re truly prepared and serious about getting certified. 

Alina Meza (27) American
Lynda Griffiths


The course is as intensive as Miriam tells you, but very manageable if you keep up with the work and assignments an a daily basis. The feeling of satisfaction when all the assignments are completed at the end of week 4 is amazing and well worth all the angst from the previous month. I recommend this course, but clear a month of your life and be prepared to work!

Lynda Griffiths (55) British
Olivia Towler

I really enjoyed my time at Tefl in Spain, all of the trainers were really helpful and I definitely made some friends for life. The course is very intensive throughout so you need to be sure you stick to the deadlines and keep up with the work to make your life a bit easier!

However, I´m definitely glad I made the decision, and staying in Malaga is of course a plus!

Olivia Towler (23) British

This course was the ideal transition in life after years of schooling. I immediately became aware that I am a reflective teacher. As an emerging artist, this training will give you access for a future of financial stability and a new profession in education.

Also, it´s cheap and tranquil in Malaga!

Mohamed American

I think there is a very good atmosphere in the school. It’s easy to reach due to the central position. The staff are nice and helpful, and the trainers are excellent! They were patient with us and always ready to help whenever we needed it. We have experienced two different teaching styles. They are very nice people and we have learnt a lot from them – their criticism was very constructive.

Dory (49) Hungary

I really enjoyed the course. I have met a lot of interesting people and I learnt a lot about teaching and working with people from all over the world. The school is placed in the middle of the city, not far from the centre and the train station. It is completely adapted for the needs of the students. There is a wide study room on the first floor with computers, books and even with costumes! Since the course is so intense and you spend almost the whole day inside, there were some facilities available for the common use such as a fridge or a microwave. If you needed to use computers or to print something, you would simply do it at the school without any problem. The teachers and the staff were really nice and helpful and they definitely make the process of studying way easier.

Joanna (24) Polish

The school was great, the classrooms were spacious and luminous. I really liked the fact that we had an opportunity to practise how to use the active whiteboard. The staff were helpful and friendly, you could ask for help whenever and they were happy to help. We had good, instructive lessons and the tutors were professional and experienced. All in all a great course!

Milka 23 (Finnish)
Cheryl Lewis (56)

I was on the June 2016 course. It was well worth the trip from Australia. The staff were so helpful and knowledgeable and they will assist you after the course to find a job or if you need any administrative assistance in order to work in Spain.
The course was intensive, but you´ll make lots of friends and have a great time whilst pursuing your goals. If you´re thinking about a TEFL course, this is one of the most recognized courses you can complete. Thanks to Miriam, John and Charles for getting me through it.

Cheryl Lewis (56) Australian

Hugh Roberts (61)

Prepare, prepare, prepare…before you embark on the course! Dust off your old grammar text books and at least commit to memory the chapter on ‘tenses’. Make sure your IT skills are adequate or you’ll struggle with the sheer volume of the written assignments and materials production.

All the staff are generous with their time and patience so ask for help if you need it. This course is thorough and testing but a great qualification to have. Finally, if you are coming to Malaga for the sun and beaches stay at home, you won’t see them. My toes and the Mediterranean were never introduced!

Hugh Roberts (61) British
Carmen Rojas (37)

So glad I chose Málaga Lenguas-TEFL in Spain to get my Trinity certTESOL qualification. Cosy, quiet location in the heart of Malaga, nice premises, enchanting supportive staff (Cinthia, Maria, Vana), excellent management (Miriam), my co-trainees were COSMIC indeed , not to mention the professionalism yet warmth of both tutors, Charles and John. If you go for the 4-week course, forget about the rest of the world for a month. Make it your only priority and be ready to give your all. They will provide with everything you need to succeed and you will be inspired by their competence and infectious passion for teaching. For those willing to get their TEFL course in Spain, this place is a must. Satisfaction guaranteed. I will definitely be coming back for their teacher development courses.

Carmen Rojas (37) Spanish
Luis Fernandez-Bird (35)

I have just completed a 4 week intensive course at Tefl in Spain, Plaza Misericordia in Malaga from 2nd May till 27th May and I had a fantastic time. The course was extremely challenging and the workload is really full on but ultimately extremely rewarding!😀😀😀. The team is very helpful and professional, always there to sort out any problems or questions you have. If you’re thinking of taking a tefl course here in Malaga I recommend taking it here! Thanks guys!😀😀😀

Luis Fernandez-Bird (35) British

Ian Rubio (19)

I did the 4 week course, very intense but worth it. Forget any concept of social life, good sleep and the traditional image of Spain of sun, sleep and relaxation. You will be doing coursework 24/7 for the first weeks but it is a great experience and you learn a lot.

Ian Rubio (19) British

Dawn Lawton

This has been by far the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life so far.  Blood, sweat, tears and happiness all rolled into four weeks.  The Director and Tutors are very supportive and you also get to know your fellow students, which you wish you could know for a little bit longer.  It is an intensive course, but well worth the achievement for your career as a TEFL Teacher.  Having said that, I will now be catching up on sleep for the next month!!!

Thank you everyone involved in the course of May 2016.

Dawn Lawton British

Mary Heukers (25)

The 8-week part-time TEFL Course was a perfect fit for me, the workload was manageable and I had a great time exploring Malaga with my peers! The teachers & crew were amazing and I developed a lot, both professionally and personally. I recommend this course to everyone who’s interested in teaching English!

Mary Heukers (25) Dutch

Laura Weston (23)

It’s been such an enriching experience where I have learnt so much about teaching and gained so much confidence in the classroom and also out of it. It’s a very intense few weeks but totally worth it. Signing up to this course has been the best investment, on a professional and personal level, that I’ve made.

Laura Weston (23) British

Koen van't Hart (51)

It has been a very interesting, though demanding, learning experience. It took a lot of time and energy to prepare my first lessons and in all the journals I had to write about the different aspects of teaching.
Though I have loved the English language all my life and I like to train people, this was the first time I would actually be in front of a class of students learning English. I had positive expectations about it and it was good to notice that it was really fantastic to be able to help people improve their language skills being happy and more confident in expressing themselves using English! John and Charles (our tutors) are the best, by giving constructive feedback they helped me to focus on aspects that needed improvement.
I’m very happy with the ‘TEFL foundation’ that I’ve been taught during this course. In my opinion a great way to start a TEFL teaching career. I can only hope that I will meet such inspiring and enthusiastic professionals on the job. Thanks TEFL in Spain Team!

Koen van't Hart (51) Dutch

Julie Hetherington (56)

I really enjoyed taking the course over two months and would highly recommend it. The trainers are professional and experienced; and I benefitted very much from them sharing their skills and expertise. There was also a great atmosphere among we students who were all supportive of each other.

Julie Hetherington (56) British

Mariëtte van Beek (54)

The TEFL course in Málaga was a real eye-opener for me. As a former academic lecturer I had to learn how to reduce my teacher talking time to a minimum in order to maximise the engagement of my students. Even if you don’t share the mother tongue of the learners in your class, this is perfectly possible! From the first week onwards I drew up lesson plans with appealing activities. None of this would have been possible without the help and support of our inspiring teachers John and Charles. A big ‘dank jullie wel’! Teaching will never be the same again. I highly recommend this part-time TEFL course.

Mariëtte van Beek (54) Dutch

Sietske Yntema (24)

I did the 8-week course and I would recommend this to everyone if it is possible for you! The teachers were amazing, so is the course. It is challenging but I learnt so much! The whole team is very supportive and of course Málaga is amazing. I will definitely miss the school, its environment and the nice atmosphere that the team and my fellow teachers created!

Sietske Yntema (24) Dutch

Lorenz Lomme (24)

I would like to thank the whole crew for their support. The course was hard but very rewarding. I would recommend it to everyone. I am going to miss my fellow teachers! Hasta luego!

Lorenz Lomme (24) Belgium

Katrin (26)

Great atmosphere and people! The TEFL in Málaga centre is a professional academy that will assist you very good for the theory and teaching practice.

Katrin (26) Belgium

Eimear Joyce (23)

I’m so glad that I took this course. It was tough but it was worth it. At the beginning, it feels like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, but the team is amazing to help you emerge on the other side. I was the hardest four weeks of my life, but the most rewarding time of my life too. I will miss it! I can’t thank the team enough for such an amazing experience!

Eimear Joyce (23) Irish

Maeve Canning (56)

The learning experience has been a revelation to me. The course requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but it is a very worthwhile experience. The course tutors are very helpful and encouraging. I could not recommend this course highly enough.

Maeve Canning (56) Irish

Jeroen (42)

I would advice people this course who want to become a teacher and see this course as a first step. Because you only become a (good) teacher when you practise what you have learned and reflect on what you have done to make it better. These are the tools you get. The course is like a farmer preparing and fertilizing the land and finally sowing the seeds. If these seeds will grow to juicy fruits depends on how the farmer acts on the different circumstances which will occur after sowing.
Although I would advice the course, I would also be very very clear about the fact that the course will consume all your time (but it probably also depends your background). And that there is no time to do the pre-course during the course itself. It will be probably the most intensive course you’ve ever done in your life.

Jeroen (42) The Netherlands

Astrid, 33

Even if you have teaching experience, you’ll learn so many new tips and tricks that you can use in the classroom. Teaching the TEFL way is a whole new experience!

Astrid, 33 Dutch

Ruben Provencio, 21

If you are thinking of becoming a teacher, this is a must! An eye-opening experience. If you want to have an insight into what it is like to teach, you should definitely do it. It is challenging, but the rewards are great!

Ruben Provencio, 21 Spanish & Dutch

Jonathan Cain, 34

I’m so pleased that I chose to do this course! After many years of mulling over whether to take the Trinity or the Celta, I’m so happy that I opted for the Trinity! I loved the methods behind this course and particularly enjoyed the unknown language module. Although the course was extremely challenging, the course tutors were superb throughout and offered us a lot of support. Miriam’s superb organizational skills meant that I had nothing to worry about. You’ll be in very good hands!

Jonathan Cain, 34 British

Peter, 50

Quite an adventure! A great course filled with lots and lots of information, practical tips and theory. This course requires personal investment, even dedication, but it is well worth it. The tutors and director are supportive and there’s genuine team spirit.

Peter, 50 French & American

Cathie Law, 63

Great bunch of people, very hard work. Lots of fun and enjoyment as well as the stress. After the first two weeks, it gets better. Not less intense, just a bit clearer. Things start to make sense. Be prepared to do very little else for four weeks, it will be worth it!

Cathie Law, 63 Scottish

Katherine Bowman, 24

I would definitely recommend this course. The staff and teaching tutors were extremely helpful, supportive and inspiring. I feel like I learned so much from this course, and I am now fully confident in my abilities as a teacher. The workload is quite intense, but if you are dedicated and manage your time wisely, it is manageable.

Katherine Bowman, 24 American

Bárbara Agüero, 41

I liked the course very much. The workload was big but I was able to manage. The tutors are excellent and I’m very grateful with them. It was an interesting experience to study with people from many countries. Miriam and the staff were very helpful. Thank you very much!

Bárbara Agüero, 41 Argentinian

Kate Smith, 38

TEFL in Spain, Málaga, is the place to go if you are thinking of studying for a TEFL qualification. The tutors (and all the staff in general) are very friendly and help make this extremely intensive course a really enjoyable experience. You must prepare yourself for the workload; even though they tell you that it’s going to be hard, you probably won’t be able to imagine what lies ahead! I’m really pleased to have now finished the course, and have met some great people along the way!

Kate Smith, 38 Málaga (originally from Liverpool, UK)


I’m very happy I did participate in this course! It’s intensive, but if you’re used to higher education it’s manageable. The tutors gave me a lot of ideas and advise to use in the future. I’ve developed professionally and personally. I’ll recommend this experience to everyone! Be prepared for a lot of work! However, in the end it will be all worth it!


Maddy, 24

They don’t lie when they say intensive! But if you stay on task and keep up the pace, then it will be one of the best experiences of your life. I’m leaving Málaga with not only a certificate, but also lifelong friends. Thanks TEFL in Spain, and thank you Alex, Lawrence and Dylan!

Maddy, 24 France


A demanding course but so glad that I did it. I’ve learned so much in just four weeks. Thanks to all and to my tutors.

Maureen Ireland

Leonie, 23

An intensive but very rewarding 4 weeks! If you are willing to work hard, the tutors will support you and provide you with a lot of knowledge.


Leonie, 23 The Netherlands

Stuart Johnston

Overall a very rewarding experience… Thank you!



Stuart Johnston Manchester, UK

Karl Seitzinger, 58

A demanding but very efficient course. Thank you!




Karl Seitzinger, 58 Canada

Niek, 33

Participating in this course felt like being in a roller coaster. I’m happy I took the course.

Niek, 33 The Netherlands


Intense is an under statement! Time management is key. Stay on top of your work and you will succeed. This experience is amazing and I have learned more than I have ever thought. I could in 4 weeks. Good Luck!

Elise American


Be prepared for a very intensive four weeks, but when you have finished you just realize how much you have learned and how rewarding an experience it has been.

We had an amazing group of students, tutors and Spanish students, who were all very supportive and who made us confident enough to start your teaching career. And as much as you won’t have much time to enjoy the area, it is a wonderful place to live and stay long-term.

Rose The Netherlands

Whitney Pressley

I definitely underestimated the intensity of the course going in. You will breathe, eat, and sleep TEFL for 4 straight weeks. However, when you finally finish, you’ve gained such a feeling of accomplishment, awesome memories and lifelong friends!

Whitney Pressley American

Lee W. Cottam

I found the course to be a very good platform to build on, in terms of my English teaching career. The course is intense, but I was warned beforehand that it would be. I have learned so much and now I feel confident that I can teach students from all backgrounds with varying needs. I recommend this course for anyone that is thinking of going into teaching English as a foreign language. Thanks TEFL in Spain!

Lee W. Cottam British


If you do your work daily and make sure you always ask for help or advice, you should do fine and still get to enjoy Málaga and some of the weekend. Because I never wasted time and wasn’t afraid to ask for help, I was able to get work done efficiently and correct the first time, and still have a great time in Málaga.

Sean Los Angeles, CA

Pete (24)

Studying for my TEFL in Málaga was very intense but really worth it. The teaching practice gives you valuable experience in front of a class and really prepares you for a teaching career.

Pete (24) Wales

Remi (18)

The course was a good and very useful experience. I really feel like I am able to teach now. The course is very intense, but don’t worry, all trainees feel exactly the same. I made a lot of new friends and met a lot of awesome people here. Great experience and a good qualification to have under your belt.

Remi (18) Dutch

Skeeter Naloop (48)

Very, very intensive course, but the reward at the end is worth it. You meet the most beautiful people from all over the world and true friendships are formed.

Skeeter Naloop (48) Holland

Heather Weston (22)

You can never be prepared for how intense the course is going to be, but the workload is manageable. You meet some lovely people along the way and I feel like I am ready to start a job now.

Heather Weston (22) English