8 amazing reasons to do your TEFL course in Malaga, Spain!

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8 amazing reasons to do your TEFL course in Malaga, Spain!

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By Quirien van Unen, Dutch

If you are considering doing a TEFL in Spain, please check out our 8 reasons why Malaga should be your main consideration

The 300 days a year of sun

Malaga is one of the few places in the world where there are sun 300 days of the year! The good weather is very pleasant and gives a pleasant addition to the course. Rain is very infrequent and clouds are almost unheard of! The lowest point of the year arrives in January with an average of 13 degrees, so nothing too extreme. In the summer, the sun-kissed beaches form the best study break locations with an average of 25 degrees.

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The beaches

As Malaga is located at the Costa del Sol it should come as no surprise that the beaches are a blessing! There are two beaches located right at the city center but a coastline full of little paradises around. TEFL in Spain is even located just 10 minutes walking distance to the beach. We would recommend you visit the best beaches by bike as it is the best way to see the city and Malaga is very flat. There are already more than 15 beaches within Malaga’s province to discover!

The rooftop terraces

There are plenty of rooftop terraces in Malaga and every one is as magical as the other. Picturesque Malaga offers some beautiful views to look at while you are enjoying a nice refreshing drink. You can see the most amazing sunsets at the terraces and definitely a must when you visit Malaga!

image blog inge 1Our own trainees enjoying some spritzers! Check out their testimonials here

The cheap tapas and beer

Even though Malaga has seen a big upsurge in tourism over the past years most of the prices have still remained the same. Malaga is still a cheap city to live in just like it used to be. The Spanish people take a lot of pride in their authentic cuisine and show that in their local restaurants. Try one of their typical dishes for a delicious evening or go to a bar for a nice cool beer at prices you won’t believe. A menu of the day “menu del dia” is usually not much more expensive than 9 euros and beer prices higher than 2 euros are unheard of. Careful though, party club prices have seen a peak since the rise of tourism. We would advise going to a bar before moving to the dancefloor to save expenses on a night out.

The cosmopolitan lifestyle

Malaga has earned its spot on the map and is getting more international recognition. The pleasant lifestyle and atmosphere attract a lot of visitors from abroad and not just tourists! Both students and companies are drawn to the vibrant city and Malaga is becoming the Spanish Silicon Valley. This makes for a colorful community and, as everybody copies the open attitude of the local Spanish, tons of interactive events that accents our cosmopolitan lifestyle!

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The cultural city

The uprise of Malaga as a touristic location did not come without effort and the government is working very hard to make the city as attractive as possible! There are unlimited museums and other attractions in Malaga that offer a different experience every time. As Malaga is the birthplace of Picasso, art is a huge aspect of Malaga’s identity. There are a lot of beautiful museums in Malaga that will enhance your expectations of this, including some of Picasso’s more famous pieces that you just can’t miss.

Opportunity to learn Spanish

Joining the teaching community does not only have a benefit for you as a teacher! Become a student yourself as well and improve your Spanish. Whether you learn it on the street, interacting with Spanish speakers or in a classroom under guided supervision, you will always improve. There is no shortage of Spanish teachers in Malaga and there are even Spanish classes available within the TEFL in Spain training center. With some hard work and time, you can become a fluent Spanish speaker while living in Spain.

Teaching opportunity after the TEFL course

With TEFL in Spain, we care for you even after the course! We don’t just want you to obtain the Trinity TESOL certificate but also to become an experienced English teacher to the best of your potential. Because of this, we offer teaching opportunities to you even after you have passed our course. You can do this for your own professional development and boost your cv. Still not confident enough about your career after the TEFL course? We provide an elaborate career service during and afterward at no charge! Additionally, TEFL in Spain has built up a supportive community of English language teachers and educational institutes that we will include you in. This all to guarantee that you start your career as English teacher fully prepared. The sky is the limit!


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