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Accommodation in Malaga

Your accommodation is an important factor of your TEFL experience, so we want to make sure that you get the most out of your stay by providing you with accommodation options through our partner company Malaga City Flats. For this reason, the accommodation offered is in easy reach of the training centre and Malaga centre itself. Our accommodation-finding service is optional and free of charge.

We offer the following accommodation options:

  • Single or double room in a shared flat with students from the school or people resident in Spain.
  • Private 1-bedroom flat for 1 or 2 people.
  • Host family accommodation.

Shared flat with students from the school or local residents:

  • Single room with single bed: €460 for 4 weeks
  • Single room with double bed: €500 for 4 weeks
  • Single room with double bed and en-suite private bathroom: €560 for 4 weeks
  • Double room: €340 p.p.  for 4 weeks

Click here for photos of one of the shared flats.

Private apartment for one or two people travelling together:

  • €950 for 4 weeks

Click here for photos of one of the private flats.

Host family:

  • Single room with half-board (breakfast + dinner) €730 for 4 weeks
  • Double room with half-board (breakfast + dinner)  €640 p.p. for 4 weeks


  • Private Accommodations are booked and paid for per 4 weeks. Students check in on Sundays before the course begins and check out at 11.00 h on Saturdays, at the end of their course. Bookings for extra nights are possible. The fee for additional nights is of €25 for a single room and €20 per person for a double room.
  • Students are expected to share all household chores. In the case of host families a cleaning service is provided.
  • All apartments have internet and are completely furnished. You only need to bring your own towels.
  • Services are also included (wifi, electricity, water and gas).
  • Double rooms are reserved for 2 people travelling together.
  • In order to reserve your housing, you will need to send us the full amount.
  • In the interests of full transparency, applicants should know that ‘Malaga City Flats’ is owned by TEFL in Spain. They are, however, two separate companies. It may be possible to find cheaper accommodation in Malaga through a different agency.

Additional short term rental.

After you have completed the course, we can also assist you in finding another room or apartment to rent.
Please feel free to contact Malaga City Flats directly:

Links to arrange accommodation yourself

If you want to arrange accommodation by yourself, on the following websites you can find rooms and apartments for short-term rental in Malaga: