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Why you might need a NIE number

If you are currently in Málaga and completing your Trinity CertTESOL course at TEFL in Spain and planning to stay for a longer period, you might find that you need a NIE number for several reasons. Unfortunately, getting your NIE number is not an easy process. To help you in your journey to getting this, TEFL in Spain has created this blog and various other resources on how to go through the necessary steps in the province of Málaga. At TEFL in Spain, we also offer a paid NIE Service so that you are assisted in getting your NIE number as well as having a Spanish translator present for the appointment.

What is the Spanish NIE number?

The Spanish NIE number, short for “numero de identificación de extranjero” is a foreigner identification number, a fiscal identification number for foreigners who want to stay more than 3 months in Spain. For example, after you have completed your Trinity CertTESOL course in Malaga.

Why do you need it?

  • To open a bank account
  • Buy a property or insure it, or get a mortgage
  • Sign an internet or phone contract
  • Open a utility contract
  • Buy a car or get a driving license
  • Sign a work contract and get social security
  • Setup a company
  • To pay taxes

When wouldn’t you need it?

If you stay for less than 3 months in Spain or if you are not getting paid at your work placement and you have no intentions of using any of the services mentioned above.

How to get it?

  1. At the Spanish consulate in your own country
  2. In Spain, at the National Police Provincial Commissioner
  3. By a representative using a service such as the one from TEFL in Spain

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How to get the NIE number

Be aware that the process of getting a NIE number in Spain is complicated and can be long. This is mainly because the application process changes regularly and the service is only offered in Spanish. If everything goes smoothly the entire process should take around 8 to 10 hours spread out over 3 days. These days include making an online appointment, going to the appointment and organising the necessary documents and picking up your NIE number a week later. However, this is the ideal situation. The process will usually take longer and requires several attempts to succeed if you do it on your own. To help you in this process, TEFL in Spain has provided this blog to get your NIE number.

In case you still feel insecure about the process or your Spanish language skills, TEFL in Spain offers an additional service to ensure you get your NIE number. At a charge of 50 euros, the company will assist throughout your entire application. We will schedule your appointment at your availability and an experienced Spanish speaker will accompany you by helping you fill in the necessary forms, visit the bureau with you and help deal with any problems that may arise. With the service, we can guarantee success without the stress.

Making an online appointment for form EX-15

To apply for the NIE number you first need to make an online appointment. In order to do this, you need to go to the government site for Málaga;

Once you arrive at the site you will see an option menu under PROVINCIAS DISPONIBLES. Choose Málaga here and press acceptar.

You will arrive at another page called TRÁMITES DISPONIBLES PARA LA PROVINCIA SELECCIONADA. They ask here for the reason of the appointment. Select CNP-CERTIFICADOS Y ASIGNACION NIE and press acceptar.

The next page the site will send you to contains information about the NIE number for foreigners. On this page, you will also find form EX-15. This is the form with which you can apply for a temporary residence and enables you to open a bank account.  Press on the link  and print this to fill in and bring with you. When you have downloaded the form, you can press ENTRARand you will be sent through to the next page.

This page requires you to identify yourself. You can only do this with your passport. Give your passport number, first and last name and identify that you are not a robot. Once completed, press acceptar and go to the next site. Confirm your appointment by pressing solicitar cita

Organising the forms EX-15 and EX-18

TEFL in Spain advises to ask for the help of a Spanish friend, use Google translate or use the NIE number service at TEFL in Spain to fill in the EX-15 form or the EX-18 form. The difference between form EX-15 and form EX-18 is that form EX-15 is for a temporary stay in Spain, for example when you work as a temporary teacher at a language school. Form EX-18 is necessary for a more permanent stay, for example, if you wish to stay for a year and have a work contract. You will need to bring your contract to the appointment as proof if you apply for the EX-18 form. For both applications, you will be charged €10,70 which you will need to pay at a Unicaja bank.

To pay the fee for the documents you need modelo 790 form. This form can be found online by searching for NIE form 790. You need to organize this before your appointment. Choose a Unicaja bank closest to your disposal and ask at the desk if you can pay for your NIE number fee. Not all employees at the Unicaja bank speak English. If, however, you show them the form EX-15 or EX-18 and the form 790 filled out, they are likely to understand what you need. They will then be able to help, and you will be required to pay the fee in cash.

Make sure you have two copies of all your documents throughout the process. This will make you fully prepared in case either a Unicaja bank or the national police provincial commissioner wants to keep a document at their disposal.

The route to National Police Provincial Commissioner

Once you have filled out all your forms and are prepared for your appointment you can start planning your route to your appointment at the National Police Provincial Commissioner. The office is located at the end of Avenida de Andalucía outside of the city center. The address is Plaza de Manuel Azaña 3. You can get there by one of these three ways;

  1. Take a taxi to the building.This is the most expensive but easiest way. The taxi fare for one way from Málaga María Zambrano central train station is €4,70. At the station, there are always taxis available and is nearby TEFL in Spain. However, you can find a taxi in other places in Malaga as well. If you have decided to use the service from TEFL in Spain, the taxi fare for a return trip would already be included in the fee of the service.
  2. Take the bus to the building. Both the bus lines 11 and 25 make a stop in front of the office. The bus fare for one way is €1,30 no matter where you are coming from in the city. You can find the best route for you through google maps or EMT, the local bus transport app in Malaga.
  3. Walk to the building. You can also choose to save money and walk there for free. Depending on where you live you can follow Google maps to the address provided above. The easiest way is to follow Avenida de Andalucía from the city center. Take the length of the walk into consideration though. The average time to reach your destination from, for example, TEFL in Spain is half an hour. From other places in the city centre it may take longer.


Your appointment at National Police Provincial Commissioner

For your appointment, it is important to bring a copy of all the documents you have. These include your passport, your form EX-15 or EX-18, your form 790 and the confirmation of your appointment.  It is also important to remember that they will not speak English at the office. It would be wise to write down some useful phrases in Spanish before going.

Upon arrival at the National Police Provincial Commissioner you will have to wait in line at the door with the sign “extranjarias” (foreigners). Usually, the line to enter the building is about 5 to 15 minutes long so be prepared to queue. When you show your appointment confirmation to the officer at the door he will let you in and you will enter the main office hall.

To confirm your arrival, stand in line at the desk in the main hall. The employee behind the desk will have a list of all scheduled appointments. You will be given a specific number for your appointment. Once you have identified yourself they will give you the number and you wait your turn in the next room. This room is in the right-hand corner of the main hall when you enter the building.

It is important to be on time for your appointment. If your number has already passed on the list, you will have to go home and register for a new appointment again online. They make no exceptions for this!

Once your number appears on the screen, you can sit down with an employee and give them your forms. It is likely these employees don’t speak English so do be prepared with your Spanish phrases. If your forms are correct, all should go well, and you will get a stamp on your form. If there are problems, however, try to understand them to the best of your ability. It is important to stay patient here as this will help you if you need to return.

Once they have approved your forms, you will be able to pick up your NIE in a week time at National Police Provincial Commissioner (no appointment needed) You will now have your own NIE number!

With the TEFL in Spain NIE service, the assistance offered will be there for you until this moment to help and translate. When finally picking up your NIE number you will need to bring with you your identification and approved forms. Once you show this to the civil servant in the main hall of the building, they will give you your NIE number.

To Apply:

Please know that you do not need to be a TEFL trainee to apply for the NIE service. It is open to all who wish to start their life in Malaga. To apply for TEFL in Spain’s NIE service, please complete the form below. You will then be contacted to set up an appointment.  

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